The Sept 13 USPSA/IPSC match has been cancelled.

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AEDs for medical emergencies are available at the Ranges. See Members Area for a link to training on their use.

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WE need Public Range day ROs for later in the year. Please Let Denny ( Know if you can help. You can View the assignment list

If you haven't signed up for the RO Orientation session and are going to RO Please contact

The 2015 Public Day RO schedule is available on line. Contact for the PW
The last two letters of the PW for the RO schedule are uppercase. For all other protected documents use the current newsletter PW on your membership card. For now ignore the user name and complex password on your membership card.

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The Boulder Rifle Club

South Range South RangeNorth RangeNorth Range

The Boulder Rifle Club, Inc. of Boulder, Colorado is a non-profit membership club with approximately 800 members. The club was organized in 1923 as the successor to the Boulder Gun Club which was in existence prior to 1889. The club owns two range facilities in the Boulder area. The club's South Range is located just north of Boulder, at the north end of North 26th Street. This is where all scheduled activities are held. See Boulder Magazine Article

The South Range has the following facilities: See the pictures below

Outdoor Facilities

25 yard range

50 yard range

100 yard range

200 yard range

Trap area

Indoor Facility

50 foot, 12 position range

Class Room

South Range Facilities

50 yd25 Yard Range50 yd 50 Yard Range

Indoor Facilities


class roomClass Roomindoor range

Indoor Range