Use the above links to sign up for a Public Range day OR for Range Officer Orientation class.

Once on the sign up page enter the news letter PW found on your 2017 membership card as the requested access code.

General Range Officer Information

 Range Officers for Public Days are needed. Please consider signing up to work as a Range Officer on a Public Day as a way to put in your Work Day. If you have not previously worked as a RO please attend one of the many Range Officer Orientation sessions. These are about 2 hrs in length. The schedule can be found in the yearly and monthly calendars. Starting in 2017 you must have attended a Range Officer Orientation class within the preceding three years to get work-day credit. Contact Roger Briden ( to schedule an attendance date or use the RO-Orientation class signup link at the top of this page.

The position of Range Officer is extremely important as it is key to keeping all who participate SAFE and assure they have an positive experience around firearms. Four or five ROs are scheduled for each Public day so it is extremely important that everyone assigned show up. We have had some no shows which causes a problem for those who do. Thus the Board is considering how to address this and those who don't show.

Although it is expected that you remember and have marked the date on your calendar, the RO Administrator will be sending email reminders 1-2 weeks prior to your assigned date. Be sure to read the Range Officer Instructions pdf. It can be gotten from the signup page or from the RO information under the Members area on the BRC web.

The RO signup page has slots for standby. If you would be available on short notice please sign up for Stand By. The Coordinator will endeavour to maintain a Stand BY list of persons who have volunteered to respond (if they are available at the time of the call) to fill vacant spots on short notice. Contact the RO Administrator if you are willing to be on that list or sign up for a stand by slot on the signup list.

If you have signed up as an RO you have the following obligations if you can't make it:

If you know in advance:
As soon as you know, let the RO Administrator ( know and do your best to arrange for someone to take your place.
At the Last minute:
If you can't make it do to an unanticipated event let the RO Administrator know and do your best to arrange for someone to take your place.

If reasonable effort is not made to notify the RO Administrator and find a replacement the Work Day fee would be immediately due ($200). Failure to pay the fee could result in your membership status changing. You would be asked to appear before the Board to present your case.