Boulder Rifle Club Range


The Boulder Rifle Club range is not open to the public EXCEPT to participants in scheduled activities.  These scheduled activities include matches, classes, public range days, law enforcement training and any other activity that is open to the public. Scheduled activities are those that appear on the calendar.

Members may bring guests to the range but must closely supervise any guests they bring. Non-members may not wander around the property.

Pets are discouraged and must be leashed and controlled and are best left at home.

EVERYONE who enters the Boulder Rifle Club property must sign a Liability Waiver form.

Minors must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver form too. Signed waiver forms should be handed to the member who they are a guest of.  Members should deposit all waivers into the drop safe in the classroom.

Range Officers will collect signed waivers before matches, classes or public range days.

Facilities located at the range include
  • clubhouse/classroom
  • 50ft indoor pistol/rimfire range
  • 25yd outdoor range
  • 25/50yd outdoor range
  • 100yd outdoor range
  • 200yd outdoor range

There are two vault toilets, one of which is ADA compliant.

A phone is located inside the entrance to the classroom – 303-442-3933. There is rarely anyone available to answer this phone and messages are seldom returned. Email is a better bet for contacting members!

Cell phone service is poor inside the building but quite good elsewhere on the property.


Individual ranges have usage limitations, including firearm type and caliber, as specified in the Range Rules. Failure to adhere to the Range Rules will result in sanctions including membership suspension and/or expulsion. Read, understand and follow the Range Rules!

Scheduled activities, including set up in advance of an activity, take precedence over member use of an individual range at any time. Check the schedule and do not assume that every range is available for your use at any time.

Outdoor ranges are limited to daytime hours as specified in the Range Rules.

The indoor range is available for use by members 24 x 7. The indoor range has usage limitations including but not limited to

  • Indoor range orientation requirement
  • Pistol caliber limitations
  • Rifles limited to rimfire only

You MUST know and follow the Range Rules!


The Boulder Rifle Club range is located at 4810 N 26th Street Boulder, CO 80301. The range is located in rural Boulder County, outside the limits of the City of Boulder. As a result of our location members and guests at our sport shooting range are not impacted by recent firearms laws enacted by the City of Boulder.