Biathlon Program

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This is a .22 rifle program for boys and girls aged 8 – 18 and for adults with limited shooting experience. It is expressly designed to introduce new junior and adult shooters to biathlon shooting techniques. The program focuses on developing the fundamentals of .22 rifle shooting in prone and standing positions, with emphasis on safe firearms handling, and developing effective range procedures for biathlon competition. We also welcome experienced biathletes who want to improve their skills. Program members are responsible for following all range rules and demonstrating good sportsmanship. 


The biathlon program meets on the 50-yard outdoor range every Wednesday during the Summer season (April through September) from 4:30-6:30pm. At the start of each season we conduct a mandatory 1-hour safety class. Shooters are also given an introduction on how a rifle functions, use of iron sights, and use of rifle harness, slings, arm cuffs, etc. We continually reinforce safety practices as we instruct the shooters in marksmanship. Our club provides .22 ammunition to juniors and paper targets to all participants. We also have competition and practice metal biathlon targets. We have a small number of loaner .22 rifles for those without access to one. Note that Adult Smallbore Winter League provides for indoor practice from October tthrough March.


Coaches provide individual and small group instruction on a variety of aspects of biathlon rifle competition. Occasionally, we will have a presentation on a specific aspect of biathlon, ranging from analysis of prone or standing position, biathlon range procedures, shooting drills, rifle cleaning and maintenance, etc. There are usually three coaches on the firing line with the shooters. Our coaches are all experienced biathletes who are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge of the sport.


The fee for all adult participants, whether BRC member or non-member, is $50 for the program, used to defray the cost of ammunition for Juniors and for the loaner rifles. 

Juniors can participate in the biathlon program in one of two ways:

1) As a non-member with a program fee of $50, the same as is paid by adults.

2) As a Junior BRC Member. The fees are $25 for the program, $25/year for a Junior BRC Membership and $15/year for a Junior Membership in the NRA. A Junior BRC member who is interested in transitioning to full adult membership on their 18th birthday, bypassing the 10-year waiting list, should consult with Anne Bekoff ( to learn about the requirements for this option. 


For more information, contact Anne Bekoff