Public Range Days


(August 2021 COVID-19 update) Our 2021 public range days are happening and will operate at full capacity. The ranges are all outdoors, and you can wear a mask if you’d like, but masks are not required. We ask that you be aware of Boulder County’s current COVID-19 rules and recommendations and that you generally be courteous toward your fellow shooters.

We will try to ensure that notifications found here and on our calendars are kept as current as possible.

As a service to the public the Boulder Rifle Club (BRC) opens portions of its range to the public for target shooting on “Public Range” days. All activities are controlled by one or more BRC Range Officers (RO) to ensure that our range rules are followed. There is a cost for this activity. Rifles and pistols are allowed. There are further restrictions on types of firearms, ammunition and targets allowed. Eye and ear protection is required. Youth must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Pets are not allowed at the BRC and should be left at home. The BRC does not sell ammunition nor does it rent firearms. Additional rules may be in effect at any time. The range may be closed at any time and for any reason, however adverse weather is the most common cause for range closure. Drugs of any kind are not allowed nor is anyone who is or appears to be under their influence allowed on our property. Anyone may be asked to leave at any time and for any reason. The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office responds to calls from the BRC and they do so promptly.

The Boulder Rifle Club range is located in rural Boulder County and outside the City of Boulder. As a result members and guests who visit our sport shooting range are not impacted by recent firearms laws passed by the City of Boulder.

First FULL weekend of the month, April through August

Fees: $20 per person, youth shoot free with a paying adult.

Every full weekend in September and October

Fees: $20 per person, youth shoot free with a paying adult plus an additional $10 per rifle after the first rifle.

First come, first served on a space available basis and we do not take reservations.

Our 100yd, 25/50yd and 25yd outdoor ranges are the only ranges which may be open for Public Range Days. One or more of these ranges may be closed as a result of schedule conflicts.

Weather is a factor for outdoor ranges in Colorado. The weather can change quickly and drastically and the Range Officer may close the range at any time because of weather. Please plan accordingly. You may check the weather at our range right now using this link.

Public Range Day Guidelines

  • Firearms brought to the range must be unloaded and in a case.

  • Firearms chambered for .50BMG or of similar cartridge size are NOT allowed.

  • Exploding targets or incendiary ammunition is NOT allowed.

  • Full-auto, Bump or rapid fire is NOT allowed.

  • Drugs, including alcohol, and those persons under the influence of drugs, are NOT allowed.

  • You will be required to show personal identification. If you are unwilling or unable to do so please don’t come.

  • You will be required to read, understand and sign a waiver form that holds the Boulder Rifle Club harmless for any reason. If you are unwilling or unable to read, understand and sign the waiver you will be asked to leave.

The use of our range is subject to the our range rules and the discretion of the Range Officer on duty. Our goal is to provide a safe and pleasant sport shooting experience for all of our guests. As a result our range rules are strictly enforced. Should you have a question about our range rules or the safe operation of your firearm then please ask a Range Officer. Should you be unwilling or unable to comply with our range rules or the verbal instructions from the Range Officer then you will be asked to leave.

Note that the Boulder Rifle Club is a qualifying sport shooting range and the following Colorado statute applies to anyone who enters the property –

13-21-111.8. Assumption of risk – shooting ranges.

(1) Any person who engages in sport shooting activities at a qualifying sport shooting  range, as defined under section 25-12-109 (2) (d), C.R.S., assumes the risk of injury or damage associated with sport shooting activities as set forth in section 13-21-111.7.
(2) For purposes of this section, “Engages in Sport Shooting Activities” means entering  and exiting a qualifying sport shooting range, preparing to shoot, waiting to shoot,  shooting, or assisting another person in shooting at a qualifying sport shooting range. The term includes being a spectator at a qualifying sport shooting range and being present in the range for any reason.

NOTE: Payment–cash or check, no credit/debit cards

2021 Dates
July 4
August 7, 8
Sept 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26
Oct 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30, 31
Nov None
Dec None
Full weekend means both Sat. and Sun. are in the same month. Range Hours are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
During September & October matches may be taking place on the 25 and 50 yard ranges until approx. 1:00PM.