Joining the Boulder Rifle Club


Why join the Boulder Rifle Club?

The Boulder Rifle Club (BRC) is unique in that it provides the sole outdoor sport shooting range facility in Boulder County. The BRC has outdoor known distances ranges of 25yd, 50yd, 100yd and 200yd that members may use during daytime hours in accordance with scheduling and the range rules.

The BRC also has an indoor 50ft pistol and smallbore rifle range that members may use anytime they wish in accordance with scheduling and the range rules.

The BRC offers classes and activities throughout the year at both our outdoor and indoor ranges. These activities include pistol and rifle matches and competitions, classes and training seminars. Classes and activities at the BRC are open to the public. Members receive an advanced opportunity to sign up for these events and a discount on fees.

Membership is limited

The Boulder Rifle Club is currently at its adult membership limit and maintains a waiting list for adult membership openings. To be placed on the waiting list please fill out the membership application and mail it to the postal address shown on the form. Your name will be placed on the membership waiting list once the completed application has been received.

We recommend that you contact the club waitlist coordinator 30 days after submitting your application to confirm that you have been successfully added to the membership waiting list. The Boulder Rifle Club is not responsible for lost applications.

There is no fee for being added to the waiting list and you will be contacted when your name comes up. We recommend that you update us should your contact information change by contacting the club waitlist coordinator.

Current annual dues for adult members is $250 and the one-time initiation fee for new members is $1000.

Please be aware that the Boulder Rifle Club is a 100% NRA club. That means that every member in the BRC must also be a NRA member. While we do not agree with every action that the NRA has taken or opinion that the NRA has expressed, the NRA is the largest firearm safety training organization in the US and perhaps the world. We feel that the work that the NRA does to support safety training for the shooting sports outweighs whatever controversies they bring with them. You may feel differently.

Unfortunately the membership waiting list is quite long and it may be eight years or more before anyone added to the list at this time becomes eligible for adult membership. We do not like this situation any more than you do but we are simply unable to satisfy demand for range use by all of the shooters along the Front Range.

We urge you to contact your elected representatives and request that a public sport shooting range be built. Every municipality and county needs a place for their law enforcement agencies to train and since it will be built with your taxes, you should be able to use it too!

Note also that there is no waiting list for Junior members of the BRC. Junior members are youth under the age of 18 years. Juniors may participate in one or both of the Junior marksmanship programs at the BRC. Juniors learn firearm safety and target shooting principles under the tutelage of one or more of our NRA Training Coaches and put what they learn into practice by shooting regularly in one of the seasonal weekly leagues. Junior programs at the BRC are subsidized by the club to reduce cost and encourage participation. Junior members have access to the range only during supervised activities. More information can be found here