The Boulder Rifle Club, Inc. of Boulder, Colorado is a non-profit private club with approximately 800 members. The club was organized in 1923 as the successor to the Boulder Gun Club, which began before 1889. Public range days  have ended for 2018, but will resume in April 2019. Classes and matches are held at our range located at the north end of 26th Street.

Membership Renewal

The 2019 membership renewal period has begun. Members may now login and renew their membership by following the instructions here.

The Board recommended and the membership approved a motion to keep the dues, workday requirements and fees for membership the same in 2019 as they were in 2018.

Members who have never logged in to the website will need to do so to renew online. Every member must set their own password on the website. Your email address is your username. The newsletter password on your membership card is NOT your password on the website. Please use the “Lost Password” mechanism to set or reset your password on the website.

Members who receive the newsletter in the mail will be the ONLY members who receive the printed newsletter and paper renewal forms. Members are encouraged to renew online as it saves the BRC a lot of time and money to do so. The online renewal process is also quick and easy for members as well.

The Board voted in 2018 to end the “Lite Associate” program. This decision was announced in the newsletter and comments were anticipated. None were received. Persons who participated in the “Lite Associate” program will be unable to renew in 2019. Comments may be directed to the Board.

The membership renewal period ends on the last day of February, 2019. Members who have not renewed at that time will be “in arrears” to the club and at risk of losing their membership. Members are encouraged to login to the website and complete their membership renewal online early.

Waiting list

Persons who have reached the top of the waiting list will be contacted during the membership renewal period. We expect to induct a greater than usual number of new members in 2019. When contacted you will be invited to attend a monthly meeting of the Board of Directors at which time you will be considered for membership. All prospective members must attend one of the monthly Board meetings and, after approval to join, one of the Range Rules classes. You will not receive your membership card until you have completed the Range Rules class.

Questions about the waiting list, your place on that list or about joining the BRC may be directed to the Waitlist coordinator.

Action Pistol 101

Starting with safety, we’ll relate the basics of safe gun handling to the realities of a match situation. The class will cover everything you’ll need and most of what you’ll want to know about getting started in the BRC Pistol matches. At the least, it’s good practice, a good bunch of people and a great time. You’ve probably got most of the gear already; a serviceable pistol, strong side belt mounted holster, spare magazines or speed loaders, shooting glass and ear protection… (oh, and some ammo). Lecture topics will include match safety, etiquette, equipment, draw strokes, grip, recoil control, shooting positions and targets. Participants will have the opportunity to practice these techniques and the class will end with shooting an actual stage under the supervision of a Range Officer. Program will start with signup at 8:30, and will run until 4:00 PM with a break for lunch (bring your lunch). Class will be held on the Indoor Range and classroom.

Next class is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, February 2/2/19.    Sign-In starts at 8:30 AM, Registration required. $20, cash or check.  Space is limited.  For more information and to sign up please contact:

Charles McAllaster:    cmmca@juno.com   303-931-7569




Header photo courtesy Dennis Rodgers