Defensive Pistol Matches

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Boulder Rifle Club’s Defensive Pistol matches are an independent program with no national parent organization. The goal of our program is to provide you with an opportunity to practice defensive skills in a safe environment while having fun. While not every stage we set up will be shot with a tactical mindset, we often do our best to help reinforce specific skills or teach new ones.

Because this program is run by people who enjoy shooting and not just pistols, we offer monthly side matches such as pistol caliber carbine (PCC), combat shotgun and even 3 gun. We meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month, except December, at 9 AM. All shooters are required to attend the safety briefing. Please arrive before 9 AM so that you can sign in and begin to gear up.

You will need to bring with you a holster for your pistol. Please no drop leg holsters, shoulder or small of back (SOB). These styles of holster can be used but only after approval from the Match Director. You will also need to bring magazines or speed loaders for 25-40 rounds of ammunition as well as mag pouches or another way to carry them (pockets are acceptable and will work.) A sturdy belt is recommended – either a designed shooting belt that is reinforced with a stiff plastic strip inside, or a strip of metal on the inside, or a 2” leather belt. A simple webbing belt will work but is not ideal. Ear and eye protection is required.
Because this match is designed with the goal of providing an opportunity to practice skills that we hope you will never have to use outside of a range, we do encourage you to bring and use any daily carry equipment. A practiced skill is a reliable skill.

Contact Information: Rob Abramson / Anthony Belcastro