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The USPSA* program at BRC is an excellent opportunity for all pistol shooters (9mm and larger) to compete in exciting and challenging courses-of-fire (COF’s) involving stationary and on-the-move shooting through ports, over tables, around walls, etc., as well as reloading on the fly. You can also expect to be shooting at moving targets, targets that appear and disappear, paper targets, steel reactionary targets, even targets that activate other targets. Enjoy honing your skills using competition style guns and equipment or your standard, out of the box, gun.

While there is plenty of friendly competition, your personal score which is based on Speed, Power and Accuracy will encourage you to be your own fiercest competitor. You do not need to be a member of USPSA to shoot, however, your scores will be ranked among your peers nationally if you are a member.

Matches are usually conducted on the outdoor ranges unless the weather is bad in which case a smaller match is usually conducted on the indoor range.

Are you a relatively new shooter? Don’t shy away 
You will be amazed at how helpful ALL shooters are and there is no better way to engrain safety and become comfortable with your new firearms than to compete with them. The program promotes safe handling and the accurate shooting of your pistol under a variety of situations.

New shooters are encouraged to watch a match to see why USPSA shooters are so passionate. Additionally, just search “USPSA” on YouTube and enjoy! As with all the shooting programs, USPSA is focused on safety and all shooters are required to demonstrate competition-level firearms safety prior to shooting your first match. We will periodically offer competition safety training for new shooters (see below). If you have not shot USPSA at BRC before, a USPSA membership with a current classification (which is evidence of at least 4 USPSA matches) will suffice in lieu of our safety session. Please click on one of the contacts at the bottom of the page for more information or to setup a safety session:

Results and Match Communication

BRC coordinates our USPSA matches, safety program and email list with 8 other clubs in Eastern Colorado. Match announcements, results and cancellations are shared via a Google Group which you can join via an email to: ecouspsa+subscribe@googlegroups.com

For a Schedule showing all the Area Clubs hosting IPSC/USPSA matches go to www.ecouspsa.com

*United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) is the US affiliate of the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC). A wealth of additional information can be found at USPSA.org.

Contact Information:
Paul Hauser, phuspsa911@gmail.com