Informal All-Steel Rifle Match

Informal All-Steel Rifle Match

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The BRC All-Steel match is a rifle match which encompasses accuracy, speed, and awkward braced positions. The match includes four divisions:

  • 50 yard rim fire semi-auto
  • 50 yard rim fire manual action
  • 200 yard center fire semi-auto
  • 200 yard center fire manual action

Competitors may shoot in any or all of the four divisions. Given how the divisions are defined, a different rifle is required for each division. The entry fee is $10 per shooter, and covers entry in all divisions.

The course of fire for all divisions is comprised of five strings of five targets each, where each string is shot from a different position. In practical terms this means that we generally set up five shooting positions on the 50 yard range, and five shooting positions on the 200 yard range. We set five steel plate targets on each range. The smallest steel plate target for the rimfire divisions is 1 inch in diameter. The smallest plate for the center fire divisions is 4 inches in diameter. Depending on range utilization and other factors the whole match might run entirely on the 200 yard range, where we’d run the center fire divisions first, and then move forward for the rim fire divisions.

The minimum number of rounds required to complete each division is 25. In the semi-auto divisions, up to 16 rounds per string are allowed. Semi-auto rifles are limited to 15 rounds in the magazine, and one in the chamber, per string. No magazine changes are allowed during a string except to correct a malfunction.

In the manual divisions, rifles are limited to 5 rounds per string. Multiple shots on a target are allowed, but only five total rounds may be fired per string.

Each string is timed using a shot timer. The score for a string consists of the elapsed time from start to the last shot, plus 30 seconds for each target not hit. A bonus of 15 seconds is subtracted from a string time for one successful shot taken standing, off-hand. 15 second bonuses are subtracted from the sum of the five string times for major caliber rifles (.308 class) or for open sights. Any type of sights or scopes are allowed. Attached bipods are allowed.

Range safety is always paramount. Rifles should be cased and uncased in the direction of a side berm or down range if everyone is behind the competitor, and only handled with the action open, pointed straight up or down, and when no one is down range. Under no circumstances can we allow a rifle round to go over the back berm or to leave the range in any direction. No steel core or armor piercing ammo is allowed. No magnum-caliber center fire rifles are allowed.

Setup is at 0800 and the match starts around 0900. The match usually finishes around noon or 1300. Scores are emailed to a subscriber list and prize cards are awarded based on the number of shooters in each division. Prize card points are equal to entry fee dollars at subsequent matches.

Contact Charlie Rollins or Jeff Ferreira