.22 Combat Rifle and Pistol Match

Every 4th Saturday at 9AM February – October

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This match is open to anyone with a .22 caliber rifle and pistol chambered in 22lr. If you enjoy shooting a .22 rifle and pistol, you should come and check out our match. We encourage new shooters and will help you out with any questions, etc. Come out and see how a rifle and pistol match at the Boulder Rifle Club is run. Our goal is to have a low-stress environment to learn how a BRC match is run while having fun shooting a .22 rifle and pistol. The match is typically held outdoors on the 25 yard range; however, if the weather is not agreeable, we will move to the indoor range.

No holster is required for pistol; average stage round count is 30 X 3 stages, so round count for a match is around 100. We recommend bringing 150 just to be safe.

You will be shooting a wide variety of paper and reactive steel targets to engage for fun!

Match Fee

BRC Member       $10
Non-member        $15
Junior (under 18) $5
Help Setup           $5 off

Observers are welcome to come and watch our match at no charge; eye and ear protection is required.

Bill Ramsey: 303-378-4648  wrramsey@att.net
Mike Colbert: brc22combat@gmail.com