Boulder Rifle Club .22LR Rimfire Match

Match Description:

  • This all-steel match is designed to simulate “field” and “hostage” shooting scenarios. The match is designed to be challenging, fast-paced, fun, and safe, with competitors’ down-time kept to a minimum.
  • Eight (8) 30 shot strings, shot from different positions, which will vary from match-to-match.
  • 240 round match total.
  • One shot per target, in general. Each string will have a demanding time limit.
  • The current course of fire is twelve (12) arrays of self-resetting steel targets at 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, and 210y. Each array consists of multiple 1-5MOA targets, with a few smaller.


Equipment Requirements:

  • Bolt action repeater or semi-auto rifle – in .22LR only – with detachable box magazines.
  • Competitors must have enough magazines to shoot a 30 shot string, e.g. 6×5, 3×10, or some combination thereof. You will not have enough time to refill mags during your string.
  • 240 rounds ammo, plus what you want to check your zero and DOPE prior to match start.
  • Magnified optics with target (i.e. uncapped) turrets. Reticle with elevation and windage hash marks, and/or holdover values. Max magnification >10-12x.
  • Your Elevation Drop Values aka D.O.P.E. from 50-210y, written down and handy.
  • Bipod or other front support, e.g. rucksack.
  • Rear bag and/or other positional support bags, based on personal preference. Shooting mat.
  • Tripod or standing sticks. (If you do not have these you may borrow from other competitors).


Match Times, Location, and Fees:

  • March-November (9 matches/year), on the 2nd Saturday of each month.
  • Setup: Friday, the day before each match, at 4:30 p.m. Assistance is welcome!
  • 0745 – 0845: Sign in/ Check Zero, DOPE. 0845: Mandatory Safety Brief. 0900: Match begins. 1400 – Projected end time. Location: BRC South Range 200y.
  • $20.00 Match Fee (non-members). $10.00 Match Fee (members). Cash only.


Important Signup Information:

  • Link here:
  • Signup opens three weeks prior to each match.
  • Match is currently limited to thirteen (13) shooters, not including the MD.
  • If you show up to the match and did not sign up in advance, and the match is full, you will not be allowed to shoot.
  • If you have signed up for a match and need to cancel, please alert the MD via email, or log in to Practiscore and navigate to “Request to Withdraw.” This will open up your slot to another competitor.

Contact Information: 

Sam Pratt, Match Director.


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