December 2017


Annual Meeting

The annual meeting was held on December 2, 2017 and enjoyed record attendance of members. Thanks to all who put forth the effort to attend the meeting, discuss the issues and vote to improve the club.

The membership voted to increase dues for 2018. Adult dues will be $250 and Senior (age 65+) dues are now $125. Spouse dues are $50.

The new member Initiation fee was also increased to $1000.

Workday fees (in lieu of performing a workday) remain $200. Seniors continue to be excused from the need to perform or pay for a workday except that new members, Seniors included, must perform 2 workdays in the first 3 years of membership.

The Board published the Capital Projects list and described the projects on it at this time and the need to do long range planning and budgeting for capital projects. These projects total more than $1M over the next 5 years and this need is what drives the dues increase.