January 2018

Membership Renewal

BRC members should use online renewal if possible. Online renewal saves time and money processing paper forms. Credit card processing is secure and processed via Stripe.

Members should click here to start the online renewal process. Please enter the email address that the BRC sends your email newsletter to and reset your password. The BRC will send a confirmation link for you to click on and give you access to the new website.

To renew your membership online please visit the membership renewal page

Having trouble with online renewal? Click here to request help with renewals.

Dues Increase

Dues have increased substantially beginning in 2018. The Board of Directors recommended this increase to fund capital projects over the next 5 years. The membership approved this increase at the annual meeting/dinner on December 2, 2017. Attendance at that meeting set a record of more than 185 members. On the vote to increase dues there were very few NAY votes.

Can’t remember the last time dues were increased? Neither can anyone else. That means it has been 25+ years since the last dues increase at the BRC.

Paper Renewal

If you need to you can download the PDF of the paper renewal form (also in the January newsletter), fill it out and mail it in with a check. Please remember to sign the waiver form too!