February 2018

Membership Renewal continues…

BRC members should use online renewal if possible. Online renewal saves time and money processing paper forms. Credit card processing is secure and processed via Stripe.

Members should click here to start the online renewal process. Please enter the email address that the BRC sends your email newsletter to and reset your password. The BRC will send a confirmation link for you to click on and give you access to the new website. Please check your SPAM folder in case your email provider drops BRC email there.

To renew your membership online please visit the membership renewal page

If you need to you can download the PDF of the paper renewal form (also in the February newsletter), fill it out and mail it in with a check. Please remember to sign the waiver form too!

To date more than 280 members have renewed online. Thanks!

Renewal Trouble

A number of members have had trouble receiving email from the BRC. In some cases email from the BRC has been found in a member’s SPAM folder but in others the email provider simply dropped it. This has happened even in cases where the BRC server logs showed that the member’s email provider accepted the message for delivery. In these cases there is nothing that the BRC can do from its end of the email pipeline. Only the member’s email provider can fix the problem. Or the member can choose a different and perhaps more reliable email provider.

Some members do not have an email address on file with the BRC. Or the member’s email address has changed and they neglected to inform the BRC of that change. Only the member’s email address that the BRC has can be used for login and membership renewal. If your email address has changed please let the BRC know so that you may login successfully.

Having trouble with online renewal? Click here to request help with renewals.

Address/Phone changes

Members are encouraged to look at the “My Account” section of the website after successfully logging in. Double check the address and phone numbers that the BRC has for you and make changes if needed.

Address changes made on the checkout page are not saved. You MUST make address changes in the “My Account” portion of the website for those changes to be permanent.

Workday signups

MEMBERS, please log in to access the Workday signup page.

Workday and Range Officer signups can be found in the members area under Members-Only Content –> Workdays. (This menu item is only visible to logged-in members.)